[Vtr-tac] REMINDER - TxDMV Power Outage Rescheduled for Weekend of January 17-20, 2014

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Thu Jan 16 13:06:13 CST 2014

This is a reminder of the upcoming planned power outage.

Please review and distribute as appropriate.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) has been notified by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) that the planned power outage has been rescheduled for the weekend of January 17-20, 2014.  Certain TxDMV computer systems will be down from 6:00 p.m., Friday, January 17, through 7:00 a.m., Monday, January 20 (CST).

This planned outage is due to the necessary replacement and maintenance of TxDOT backup power systems, increasing the overall reliability of those systems going forward.

We are asking all customers and stakeholders to plan appropriately to minimize the impact of the outage.

WebAgent (WebSub and WebDealer) Impact

WebAgent-Subcontractor (WebSub) will be unavailable and subcontractors will not be able to complete registration renewals during the outage.  Subcontractors who normally submit batches and payment on Sunday evenings may complete this task Friday before 6:00 p.m. or on the following Monday.  Notification of this outage will be placed on the WebSub log in page.  TxDMV will notify Fiesta, HEB, Kroger, Randall's, and Tom Thumb corporate staff of the outage dates.  Counties should notify their subcontractors of the outage to ensure all WebSub users are aware.

In addition, dealers participating in the WebDealer Pilot will be unable to complete title transactions during the outage.  Pilot Counties should notify their dealers who are using WebDealer that the application will be unavailable until 7:00 a.m. Monday.

RTS Impact

We anticipate that the Registration and Title System (RTS) will not be affected by the power outage.  Counties should conduct RTS workstation closeout activities as usual on the afternoon of Friday, January 17.

However, if RTS experiences an outage unexpectedly, you will be able to complete registration renewals and some title transactions using RTS mainframe down.  Title transactions that may be processed in mainframe down are transfers of new vehicles and vehicles not previously titled in Texas.

If you complete work in RTS using mainframe down, you will need to close out that workstation on Monday morning.  Counties working on Saturday in mainframe down and closing out on Monday will need to run the substation summary and countywide for Saturday's date in order for the totals to appear on the correct date.  The totals will reflect as Monday work if Saturday's date is selected for the substation summary and countywide reports.

The Batch and Funds Remittance report will be available as usual on Monday morning.

While we do not anticipate an RTS impact during this power outage, please be prepared in the event of any unexpected down time.

IVTRS Online Renewal Impact

We expect that IVTRS, the online registration renewal system for the motoring public, will be available during the power outage.

Impact to Other Systems

eTags.  The application used by dealers to print temporary tags, eTags, will be unavailable during the outage.  Dealers will be asked to follow their Internet Down procedure during the outage.  A separate communication to the dealer community will notify them of this outage.

VTN & VTP.  These systems will be available during the outage.  This means vehicle owners will be able to place vehicle transfer notifications (VTN) on the motor vehicle record and new vehicle owners will be able to print five-day vehicle transit permits (VTP) using the online application.

Specialty Plates.  Customers will be able to check personalized plate availability and place orders for specialty plates using the TxDMV.gov or My Plates.com websites during the outage.

MVINet.  Users of the online motor vehicle record inquiry system MVINet will be able to query motor vehicle records during the outage.  Tow truck companies, auto yards, insurance companies, and motor vehicle dealers are examples of entities that use MVINet.

We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause you and appreciate your support as we upgrade our systems.  In the event that the systems come up earlier than planned, we will notify you so that the impact to your operation is minimized.

Thank you,

Randy Elliston, Director

Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

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