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During the 82nd Legislative Session, the Texas Legislature passed HB
2357 which created Transportation Code, Sec. 520.004, requiring the
department to establish standards for uniformity and service quality for
the titling and registration of vehicles by counties and dealers
licensed under Section 520.005.
As a result of this legislation the TxDMV Board, at its March 2012
meeting, created the Special Advisory Committee on Standards.  This
committee is made up of six Tax Assessor Collectors and two TxDMV Board
members.  The committee has conducted five conference call meetings and
considered numerous items for standardization.
As a result of the committee’s work several amendments to the Texas
Administrative Code, Sec. 217.3 on Motor Vehicle Titles, and Sec. 217.22
on Motor Vehicle Registration, were presented to the TxDMV Board at the
November 2012 meeting and are tentatively scheduled for consideration
for adoption at the January 2013 TxDMV Board meeting.
Links to the proposed rules have been provided below.   Please review
the proposed rules and provide your feedback.  The proposed rules were
published for public comment in the Texas Register, and may be viewed

and at:

Comments on the proposed rules will be accepted for 30 days following
publication in the Texas Register.
Written comments may be sent to:
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
Attn:  Randy Elliston, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
4000 Jackson Avenue
Austin, Texas  78731
If you have any questions please contact your local TxDMV Regional
Service Center.
Thank you.
Randy Elliston, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
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communication process, please contact your local Regional Service
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