[Vtr-tac] Dealer Use of the Revised VTR-130-U Form

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Thu Sep 30 17:54:52 CDT 2010

Please review and distribute as appropriate.
The purpose of this notification is to acknowledge that many of the
Texas Certified Lienholders participating in the electronic lien title
(ELT) program are still receiving paper titles. The problem occurs
because the Form 130-U, Application for Texas Certificate of Title, is
either not completed properly or an outdated form is used.  The
appropriate version of the Form 130-U has a revision date of 11/09 shown
in the bottom left corner of the form.  Please use the latest revision
date when an ELT is requested.
The following two additional fields on the current Form 130-U must be
completed in order to make a valid ELT request:  
-16a. Check “YES” for “Electronic Title Request?”  
-16b. Enter your 11 digit Certified Lienholder ID Number
As a reminder, if field 16c (“Additional Liens?”) applies to the
vehicle in question, the ELT process cannot be used.
Despite our prior guidance on 7/24/2010, please discard prior versions
of Form 130-U and update your electronic versions. The current form is
attached and may also be accessed at:
When you receive a Form 130-U with an ELT request, please select
“ETITLE” on the Lien Entry screen which allows access to the drop
down box containing the names of ELT Certified Lienholders. 
If you have any questions, please contact your VTR Regional Office or
the RTS Help Desk at 1-877-933-2020.
Thanks for your continued assistance and support. 

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