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Wed Sep 15 11:31:25 CDT 2010

Please review and distribute as appropriate.  

We wanted to provide you with more details on the registration sticker
press conference that’s coming up at 2 p.m. Thursday in Arlington. All
tax-assessor collectors are invited to attend.
For those who cannot, we will send the electronic press kit from the
Thursday press conference on the Listserv.
Since the new registration stickers will be coming out in your counties
at different times (due to exhausting the existing paper stock), we are
providing you with talking points and a press release. You may want to
use these with your local media when your office begins issuing the new
If your area has local television news, please ask your local stations
to download and save the TxDMV Registration video we are sending via
satellite uplink to all TV stations statewide at 3:30 p.m., Thursday.
Reporters can use this video to help provide additional footage, also
known as B-roll, to visually augment any interviews they may do with you
about the new registration sticker. However, the stations will need the
information on the attached media advisory to pull down the satellite
We also have begun to distribute TxDMV-branded “Apply to Be Texan” (the
newcomer) brochure; our new general brochure, “One of these babies has
you written all over it;” and new registration posters. Some of you may
have already received these on re-orders as we have exhausted our old
If you still have old TxDOT-branded brochures and have received the new
TxDMV-branded registration brochures at the time you are ready to issue
the new sticker, please recycle the TxDOT-branded brochures (these will
be the old Apply to be Texan and Come on Texas. Let’s all stick
together). We now have a convenient way for you to re-order your
materials from the www.registeredtexan.com (
http://www.registeredtexan.com/ ) website. (The direct page link is
http://www.registeredtexan.com/#areyouregistered )
Thank you for your support of the TxDMV and vehicle registration.


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

If you would like to see previous postings from the "VTR Electronic
Archives," please visit
http://extlists.dot.state.tx.us/pipermail/vtr-tac/ .
Mike Craig
Deputy Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, TxDMV
Email: mike.craig1 at txdmv.gov 
Helping Texans Go.  Helping Texas Grow.
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