[Vtr-tac] Issues Related to Re-Issued Stolen Plates

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We recently discovered a problem related to re-issuance of license
plate numbers previously displayed on vehicles listed as stolen in the
RTS database.
We have identified approximately 5,000 motor vehicle records with a
“stolen remark” in our database.  Of these, the same license plate
numbers reflected on 204 of these “stolen” records have been reissued to
currently registered vehicles.
As this situation could result in serious issues for innocent owners,
VTR has already taken or will take several actions to ensure they
receive a new set of license plates as quickly as possible:
--- Placed a “LEGAL RESTRAINT - CONTACT TXDMV (DC9999) on affected
--- Changed the plate age to “77” and the remark “NEW PLATES REQUIRED”
will display.
--- Notify customers directing them to present a letter (sample copy
attached) and their license plates to their county tax
assessor-collector’s office to obtain a new set of plates at no charge. 
We anticipate mailing letters to vehicle owners within ten business
We have also identified several thousand vehicles with a reissued
stolen license plate number where the registration has expired.  These
records will also have the legal restraint added and the plate age
changed to “77” to require the owner to obtain new plates when
When a customer presents the attached letter along with their current
plates that have been removed from their vehicle, or only the plates
without the letter, new, equivalent plates should be issued at no
charge.  Customers should be allowed to choose a new personalized
pattern if they have personalized plates.  They should also be allowed
to renew the registration or transfer title after issuing a new set of
plates for the vehicle, if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact your local regional office.
Direct any questions received from the customer to our Vehicle Data
Management Branch at 512-465-3054.
Thank you for your assistance. 
Randy Elliston

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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