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Mon Oct 4 16:39:20 CDT 2010


Please review and distribute as appropriate.
We are very pleased to announce the implementation of the new
electronic Temporary “Timed” Permit Database.  Temporary permits include
72-Hour, 144-Hour, 30-Day, One-Trip and Factory Delivery.  These permits
have been redesigned and will be printed on demand at the point of sale
using RTS 500 paper.   Only permits issued  under this new process will
be in the database.
- Near real time update.
- Inquiry by permit number VIN, applicant last name or business name to
verify permit validity, duration, applicant and vehicle information.
- 24/7 access by law enforcement through the Texas Law Enforcement
Telecommunications System (TLETS) and the National Law Enforcement
Telecommunications System (NLETS).  
- Beginning October 11, 2010, counties will begin issuing temporary
permits through RTS and the existing cardboard temporary permits will no
longer be used.  
- Law enforcement has been notified that both the current cardboard and
the new paper temporary permits will be valid for the immediate future.
-  Counties  will be receiving an initial shipment of plastic bags the
week of October 4th.  
- 72-Hour, 144-Hour permit applicants should receive a bag in which to
display the permit.  
- 30-Day or One-Trip permit applicants  should receive a bag if their
vehicle does not have a back windshield.
-  Fold each permit along the fold lines and insert into the plastic
bag ensuring that it lays flat.  As there are some slight variances in
the width of the bag, you may need to adjust the fold as necessary.
-  Do not destroy/dispose of  your existing stock of cardboard permits.
 Your local regional office will be contacting you to arrange for
pick-up.   This process could take several weeks.
-  72-Hour, 144-Hour and Factory Delivery permits - must be carried in
the vehicle and remain in the vehicle until the day after the expiration
date.  Please provide a bag for these permits as some individuals will
choose to display the permit on their vehicle.
-  30-Day and One-Trip permits - display in the rear window of the
vehicle so that the tag is clearly visible and legible when viewed from
the rear.  If no rear window,  a bag must be issued and the permit
attached to the rear of the vehicle.  
If you have any other questions or need any additional information
please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Regional Office.


Randy Elliston

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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