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On May 5, 2010, we notified you that the U.S. General Services Administration (USGSA) was issuing the Form 97 with electronic seller signatures on applications for title to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) travel trailers.  At that time, we were advised there was only one authorized USGSA electronic signer.  
We have recently been informed that three additional USGSA representatives are signing the Form 97 with electronic signatures.  The Form 97 with electronic signature is acceptable evidence of ownership under the following guidelines:
- The electronic signature must show one of the following representatives as the USGSA seller: 
Charlotte Said
Giselle Romero
Mark Maxwell
Sharon Wade
- The vehicle to be titled is a trailer or is otherwise exempt from the federal odometer requirements; and there are no corrections or strikeovers on the Form 97.
We anticipate the Form 97 will continue to be issued with electronic signatures requesting transfer of title for the FEMA travel trailers through mid-2011.
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