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COUNTY OPTION - Initial My Plates Orders

Recent feedback from the counties resulted in our reviewing the level
of county involvement in ordering My Plates specialty plates.  We
discussed this with the vendor and mutually agreed that county
processing of these initial plate orders is strictly at the county’s
option, not a mandatory requirement.   

We are very pleased with this decision and we appreciate the counties
raising the issue as it resulted in a re-visiting of what was thought to
be a program requirement but, through further discussion, was determined
to be optional.  

Consequently, the media release to announce the sale of these plates by
the counties will not be sent. We will continue to provide advance
notice of any future My Plates media activity. 

Counties may direct customers wanting to order these plates to the My
Plates Web site: www.myplates.com or by phone at 888-7MY-PLATES. 

COUNTY REQUIREMENT - Linking and Syncing 

County linking and syncing of the expiration dates for My Plates
specialty plates is required just as for any other specialty plate.


For those counties that choose to process My Plates orders for their
customers, questions remain for issues related to refunds, customer
complaints, credit cards, customer service, etc.  We will address these
and the linking and syncing process for all counties in a more detailed
listserv in the next few days. 

Again, thanks for the input and the opportunity to work with everyone
to reach a decision that hopefully works for all.


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communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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