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Please review and distribute as appropriate.  
At the end of November 2009, the TexasSure vendor began sending letters to customers that have insurance, but are not matched to a registered vehicle in our database.
Starting in mid to late June 2010, the vendor will send letters to customers that have registered vehicles in our database that do not match to an insurance policy.
The attached examples are legitimate letters authorized by the State from our TexasSure vendor, designed to help reduce the number of uninsured motorists in Texas.
Please advise customers with questions to contact the TexasSure vendor either by the web site, phone number, or mail address provided on their letter, to help match their registered vehicles and insurance policies.
Additional information about the TexasSure Vehicle Insurance Verification system can be found at www.TexasSure.com ( http://www.texassure.com/ ). 
Thank you for your assistance.  If you have any questions, please contact your local regional office.


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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Mike Craig
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Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, TxDMV
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