[Vtr-tac] Registration Manual Revision and Changes to Refund Policy

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We are excited about a major revision of the VTR Registration Manual and the changes/updates that were made.   Below is a list of some changes:

●  Added information provided in RTBs and Listservs that were not in the manual
●  Eliminated redundancy by removing sections that were repeated throughout the manual, and paragraphs that were simply rewrites of statute

As part of the revision, some of the registration refund policy changed:

Full refunds will be authorized after a windshield or plate sticker HAS BEEN AFFIXED under the following conditions:

●  Incorrect vehicle registered
●  Double registration (full registration fees were paid twice on the same vehicle)
●  Vehicle registered but wrecked prior to the effective date of the registration
●  Vehicle registered, and owner moves out of state prior to the effective date of the registration

Full refunds will no longer be authorized after the effective date of the registration period for registration stickers NOT AFFIXED to the windshield or license plate.  

If a refund is requested when the owner’s registration sticker has not been affixed to either the windshield or license plate, only a partial refund will be issued. This is a change from previous policy.

Before authorizing a refund, verify through RTS that the current registration has not been transferred to a new owner.  If the registration has been transferred, a refund must be denied.

If the current registration has not been transferred, the customer will be advised that the partial (prorated) refund will be authorized.  Example:  Registration expires May 2010 and the customer comes in January 2010.  The customer will receive a refund for five months of registration (January through May) for the unused sticker.

Other Refund Changes:

Customers with no-fee or reduced-fee (first set) qualifying plates may not receive a refund of registration fees paid by a previous owner.

For example, a Disabled Veteran who buys a vehicle with current registration and
transfers their Disabled Veteran license plates ($3 plate fee only) is not eligible for a refund of the registration fees previously paid. 

However; if a customer with a no-fee or reduced-fee (first set) qualifying plate buys a new vehicle and the dealer fails to transfer the qualifying license plates, a full refund of the registration fees will be authorized since the vehicle was registered in error by the dealer.

If a customer wants to exchange reduced fee qualifying license plates for full fee registration plates that are currently on their vehicle, they should be encouraged to do so at time of renewal since a partial refund will not be given for the remaining portion of the full registration.  

This change is consistent with other existing policy regarding exchanges.  Example:  A vehicle that is currently registered with Truck License Plates and is exchanged for Farm Truck License Plates do not receive a refund.


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