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Senate Bill 74, enacted by the 80th Legislature, Regular Session, created the Texas Address Confidentiality Program.  The program, described in Chapter 56 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, exists to protect the victims of certain types of crimes, such as sexual assault and stalking.

Participants in the program are issued a post office box through the office of the Attorney General.  This address may then be used in place of the participant*s true residential, business, or school address. The Attorney General then acts as the participant*s agent for the receipt of mail, and forwards correspondence to the participant.

Take note that all state and local agencies, including the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, are required by law to accept the post office box address of participants of this program if they present it in place of their physical address, for all transactions.

Participation in the program can be validated by the county or the dealer by asking the person to produce the authorization card issued by the Office of the Attorney General, Crime Victim Services Division, indicating their participation in this program.  The card will contain the proper post office box number.  An example of this card is attached. Please accept and use post office box addresses in lieu of physical addresses from participants bearing this card for all TxDMV transactions. 
Please see the attached file for an example of this authorization card.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office.


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