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We have received the court ruling on the Meyers vs. Texas lawsuit.  Individuals who purchased a placard(s) between August 11, 1995, and July 7, 2008, are entitled to a full refund.  As you may recall, this ruling was the result of the lawsuit brought against the state for charging a fee for issuance of permanent disabled placards.  Diversified Data (DIVDAT), an independent contractor, has been identified as the Class Administrator and will be handling the refund process.  

Notice of this ruling has appeared in the media, so you may get questions about refunds from your customers.  Please let them know that in order to qualify and receive a refund, they must complete the claim process on the State of Texas - Blue Parking Placard Web site at www.texasplacardfees.com.  Attached is the Legal Notice, which provides the specifics of the settlement as well as contact information for questions relating to this Class Action Settlement.

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