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Fri Aug 27 11:21:11 CDT 2010

Please review and distribute as appropriate.  

This information is provided for IVTRS-participating counties.

The Texas.gov (previously TexasOnLine) vendor, NICUSA (NIC), has asked
that we relay new information on their behalf about recent changes to
federal law dealing with required reporting by credit card companies. 
For the purposes of this listserv, these requirements only apply to
credit card transactions being processed through Texas.gov (IVTRS).

Under recent federal law, Section 6050W of the U.S. Internal Revenue
Code, beginning in 2011 credit card companies are required to annually
report the gross amount of a merchant’s transactions on Form 1099-K.

Credit card companies that process Texas.gov online transactions have
asked that we assist them with compliance of this law by providing
W-9’s for each county receiving deposits.

In the event a completed form is not readily available for your county,
a blank W-9 is attached for your convenience.

Please be sure that the:
- Name field on the completed W-9 correctly reflects the legal name of
the county;
- Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is entered; and,
- Certification is signed and dated.

Fax or mail the Form W-9 to the TxDMV at:
---Fax:  (512) 467-3994
---Mail:  Texas Department of Motor Vehicles 
            Attn: County Agreement Coordinator
            4000 Jackson Ave.
            Austin, TX 78731

NOTE:  NIC has advised us the completed Form W-9 must be returned to
the TxDMV prior to September 10, 2010. 

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting this requirement.  If you
have any questions or need additional information please contact the VTR
Help Desk at 1-877-933-2020.



If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

If you would like to see previous postings from the "VTR Electronic
Archives," please visit
http://extlists.dot.state.tx.us/pipermail/vtr-tac/ .

Mike Craig
Interim Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, TxDMV
Email: mcraig1 at dmv.state.tx.us
Helping Texans Go.  Helping Texas Grow.

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