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TxDMV is taking steps to improve the State Official (SO) license plate
program.  This will allow greater efficiency and flexibility for state
officials and judges who participate in the program.  Beginning this
·         A vehicle registration sticker will be issued to SO plate
·         The SO plate design will change slightly 
The vehicle registration sticker will display the SO plate number,
registration expiration month and year (12/11), and the last eight
digits of the Vehicle Identification Number, just like any registration
sticker issued in the state.
In the past, the vehicle registration expiration was pre-printed on the
SO plate in the upper right corner.  The new plate design will eliminate
the expiration date and add a Texas silhouette in its place.  By
eliminating the expiration month/year, the plates will not have to be
remade and reissued annually, and SO plate holders can continue to use
the same plates for a longer period of time.
Programming changes in the next release of the Registration and Title
System (RTS),  adds point of sale registration sticker printing for SO
registrations.  Additional information will be available in the
forthcoming Release Notes for RTS 6.5.0.
Registration renewal letters explaining these changes will be mailed to
SO participants in November.  New SO plates will be shipped to your
office prior to the mailing of the registration renewal letters.
Beginning next year, participants will receive a standard registration
renewal notice for their SO plates.  Other benefits include: 
·         No annual re-manufacture of the SO plates offers cost savings

·         SO plate holders will not be required to replace their plates
each year, eliminating additional handling and inventory requirements on
the part of our county partners 
·         Renewal options beginning in 2011 include renewal at
subcontractor locations, by mail, in person or online at www.texas.gov
(in participating counties)
Attached is a handout that further explains the benefits of the
enhanced program.  If you have questions or need more information,
contact your VTR Regional Office.

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local Regional Office.
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Mike Craig
Interim Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, TxDMV
Email: mcraig1 at dmv.state.tx.us 
Helping Texans Go.  Helping Texas Grow.
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