[Vtr-tac] Orders of Ownership from Justice and Municipal Courts

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Wed Apr 7 15:02:09 CDT 2010

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Justices of the peace and municipal court judges may now award title or ownership of vehicles that have been transferred by operation of law.

Attorney General Opinion No. GA-0761, issued March 15, 2010, directed that TxDMV may accept a court order from a justice of the peace or municipal court as sufficient evidence to issue title to a motor vehicle that has been transferred by operation of law.  Effective immediately, all county tax assessor-collectors should also accept such orders in support of these types of title applications.  However, any order from a justice of the peace or municipal court must specifically declare ownership, not just possession, of the vehicle in question.

A copy of the Attorney General Opinion is attached.

The TxDMV Title Manual will be updated to reflect this change.

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