[Vtr-tac] Payment of Semitrailer Token Fee for Truck with Overweight Permit

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Thu Sep 17 09:46:24 CDT 2009

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When an Overweight Permit has been purchased through the department's Motor Carrier Division for a vehicle to be operated in combination with a semitrailer, an additional $15 Token Trailer fee above that already collected for the semitrailer (total of $30 collection on the semitrailer), is required under Section 502.167(c) of the Transportation Code.   

The department has received comments from the motor carrier industry that some customers have tried to pay the additional $15 token trailer fee for their semitrailer but were unable to do so at their county tax assessor-collectors office.

We would like to remind counties that when a customer requests to pay the additional token trailer fee in these circumstances, the following RTS procedure should be used:
* select Customer, Registration Only, Modify, and then Registration Correction  
* enter the current plate number 
* once the motor vehicle record is returned the clerk should select Additional Information, and 
* then select Charge Additional Token Trailer Fee.  
You should also remind the customer that both the Overweight Permit issued by the Motor Carrier Division and the payment of the $15 additional token trailer fee are required for the vehicle combination to be properly registered.

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