[Vtr-tac] Clarification of SB 543 and FAQ*s Concerning Mechanic*s Liens

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We have received several inquiries concerning our recent listserv *New Requirements for Mechanic*s Lien Notifications * SB 543.*  Additional questions concerning mechanic*s liens in general were also received.  We are providing these questions and answers to you as an attachment. 
First, we want to clarify the effective date of SB 543.  The changes in law made by SB 543 apply only to a motor vehicle obtained on or after the effective date of September 1, 2009.  Notification requirements for a motor vehicle obtained before September 1, 2009, fall under the law in effect at that time.
Additionally, the new notification procedures required by SB 543, including the submission of the notice to the county tax assessor-collector and the $25 fee, do not apply to franchise dealers.  Franchise dealers should continue to process mechanic*s liens as they had prior to this legislation.
The Title Manual has been updated to include the new procedures for mechanic*s liens and is available with the listserv *Quarterly Update to the Motor Vehicle Title Manual* dated October 21, 2009.
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