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Mon Oct 5 10:57:47 CDT 2009

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The department received a request to set retention guidelines for dormant rejected title documents that remain in the county.  The following are the recommended minimum requirements that the counties should follow regarding these title documents.
Note: If any of the recommended guidelines conflict with the county tax assessor-collector*s own policy/procedures, the more conservative/cautious of the two approaches should be followed. 
All documents from a rejected title transaction, that remain uncorrected/unresolved, should be retained for a minimum period of two years by the county tax assessor-collector.   The start of the retention period should be based on the date that the title transaction was rejected.  
Note:  Extending this retention period may be warranted based on any ongoing communication with a customer trying to resolve the problem.  
At the end of two years, the file for each rejected title transaction should be reviewed to verify that the county attempted to contact the customer or owner/lienholder shown on the title application.  
The contact documentation may include, but is not limited to:
- copies of all correspondence that was sent to the customer
- certified mail delivery confirmation
- any notes that were taken during phone calls or attempted calls
- screenshots showing internet search for phone and address information

If no contact information is available on file, the county should make an attempt to contact the customer to resolve the pending issues.
If documentation shows that all attempts to resolve the rejected title transaction with the customer were unsuccessful, and the two year retention period has elapsed, the original title transaction documents should be destroyed by shredding only.
Customers who contact the county tax assessor-collector*s office after the rejected title transaction documents have been destroyed should be advised of the Tax Collector Hearing, Bonded Title or Court Order procedures to obtain title.
The Title Manual is being updated to include these retention guidelines. 
If you have any other questions or need any additional information please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office.



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