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In the past few months we have distributed information regarding the bankruptcy of Bill Heard Enterprises, Inc., which includes Bill Heard Chevrolet and Landmark Chevrolet, and the processing requirements for vehicles involved in those bankruptcy proceedings.  The following information concerns used vehicles sold by Bill Heard prior to the bankruptcy date of September 28, 2008.  These vehicles are not affected by any of the bankruptcy requirements and should be processed according to normal

Bill Heard sold used vehicles, at auction, to car dealers prior to the date they declared bankruptcy on September 28, 2008.  The new dealer-owners then sold the vehicles at retail to the public. These new owners should bring in either an out-of-state title or a Texas title with the title application.  

*	Normal Ownership Documents, properly assigned to the applicant, are required.  If unavailable, the standard options of a TAC Hearing, Bonded Title or Court Order are required.

*	All required fees (title and registration) and taxes must be paid at time of title application.

Again, any used vehicles with Bill Heard Chevrolet or Landmark Chevrolet as sellers and with the *Date of Sale* prior to September 28, 2008, should not be considered as part of the bankruptcy and should be processed normally.

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