[Vtr-tac] Plate Age for Duplicate License Plate Patterns Being Changed

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Fri Jun 12 16:56:02 CDT 2009

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As a part of the vehicle database clean up effort, VTR has identified vehicle records in the database that have duplicate license plate patterns.

Beginning in June, vehicle records with duplicated license plate patterns will show a plate age of *88*.  Also, beginning with October renewals, renewal notices for vehicles with duplicated license plate numbers will include several indicators to help you identify these vehicles:
*	the plate age will show as *88* along with the remark *NEW PLATES REQUIRED*, and
*	there will be no bar code on the registration renewal notice for these vehicles.

We have identified 5,726 vehicle records with duplicated license plate patterns statewide.   Registration renewal for these vehicles may not be done either at a subcontractor or online.  While this will result in a slight increase in traffic in some of your offices, based on the very low volume, we expect the impact on any individual county will be minimal.

You can help by:
*	Ensuring duplicated license plates are replaced.
*	Explaining to the customer that the replacement is needed because:
o	the same license plate number is shown on another vehicle record, and 
o	that this poses a potential problem for the vehicle owner, and that
o	replacing the duplicated license plate will avoid confusion or inconvenience (e.g. determining which owner of a vehicle with duplicate license plates is responsible for toll violations, fines, or fees)
*	Informing your subcontractors of this information.

Thank you for your cooperation and any assistance you can provide.


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