[Vtr-tac] Use of Existing Social Security Numbers Stored in Motor Vehicle Records

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Thu Jul 16 18:03:11 CDT 2009

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We notified you earlier this month (see July 2, 2009 ListServ) that Section 501.0235 of the Transportation Code was repealed during the last legislative session and that collection of social security numbers (SSN) at time of vehicle title was to be discontinued immediately. 

However, there was no provision in the legislation (HB 3517) that would allow for the removal of previously captured social security numbers.   As a result, existing SSN*s in the motor vehicle database will be retained and displayed.

If a customer requests that their social security number be removed from their motor vehicle record based on this legislation, they should be advised that a court order will be required for TxDOT to take that action on an official record.  

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