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Thu Jul 2 13:40:51 CDT 2009

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Tax Assessor-Collectors, Motor Vehicle Dealers and Lienholders: 

This is notification of the provisions of House Bill 3517, which was enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session.  House Bill 3517, relating to the provision of social security numbers, repealed Transportation Code 501.0235.  

Previously, the law required an applicant for a certificate of title to provide their social security number and required the department or county to collect and enter the number into RTS.  By repealing this law, the department and county no longer have authority to collect social security numbers.  

Effective immediately, collection of social security numbers (SSN) and federal tax identification numbers (FEIN) must be discontinued. 

Although the current version of the Form 130-U will be used until the stock is depleted, title applicants should not provide their social security number.  If the customer puts their social security number on the Form 130-U, do not enter the number into RTS.  

The Form 130-U will be revised and RTS modified to eliminate the capturing of SSNs or FEINs at a later date.  

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