[Vtr-tac] Re-use of Old Qualifying and Restricted Use License Plates

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Thu Jan 15 13:08:46 CST 2009

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Effective immediately, the following types of old license plates are not eligible and will not be approved for re-use on Classic Motor Vehicles, Classic Travel Trailers, or Exhibition (Antique) Vehicles.

1.  Restricted Use License Plates:  License plates that restrict the use of a vehicle, such as Farm Truck plates.

2.  Qualifying License Plates:  License plates that do not restrict the use of a vehicle but require the applicant to meet one or more eligibility requirements, such as State Official license plates, in order to display the plates on a vehicle.

Note:  While some applicants may actually be eligible to receive new versions of the qualifying/restricted use plates, because the old plates are to be placed on Classic or Exhibition vehicles we do not have the ability to identify them as both Classic/Farm Truck or Exhibition/State Official. 

Administrative rules addressing this subject were adopted in December 2008 and became effective January 7, 2009. A follow-up Registration Title Bulletin is being developed with updated reference guides.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office.



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