[Vtr-tac] IVTRS Credit Card Transaction Reconciliation

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Fri Jan 9 17:16:22 CST 2009

For IVTRS participating counties only.  All others may disregard.

Please review and distribute as appropriate.

This message is to retract a portion of the guidance we offered last week regarding American Express and Discover credit card payment reconciliation.  

Since issuing this guidance we have determined that we will soon be able to provide you a new interim report with additional detail payment data/information.  The pilot for this report will begin next week and run for about a week or less if results are as anticipated.  The interim report will contain transaction data as far back as December 21, 2008.  We are also working to revise the Vendor Payment Report before the end of January so that the interim reports will no longer be needed and direct contact with American Express and Discover will not be necessary.  

At this time, we respectfully request that you no longer attempt to contact American Express or Discover directly regarding your IVTRS transactions, as receiving different reports from both the vendors and from us will likely cause unnecessary confusion due to the differing presentation of the information needed to reconcile the transactions/payments.  We have also learned that online access of the IVTRS transaction data by the counties could actually result in problems with the report development and/or could disable it entirely.   

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.  If you have a question or concern, please contact the RTS Help Desk at 1-877-933-2020. 


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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