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This is a reminder that, as a result of an administrative rule change
and programming to the Registration and Title System (RTS), replacement
of license plates at no charge under the *Needs* program is now
seven (7) years.  

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) was inconsistent regarding when
mandatory replacement for different types of plates was necessary under
the *Needs* program.  

Previously, a vehicle owner could request a no charge replacement of a
general issue plate at any time after five years, even though the plates
continued to meet safety and reflectivity standards.

Mandatory replacement is now required for all license plates when the
plate age reaches seven years (Plate Age will show *7* in RTS). 
Customers are notified of the need to replace the plates through receipt
of a vehicle registration renewal notice with the remark *New Plates

For more information, refer to RTB #024-08 (December 11, 2008) that
accompanied the RTS Release Notes 5.9.0, and RTB #006-08 (March 5, 2008)
that addressed this issue because of an overall increase in replacement
plate issuance.  The Registration Manual will be updated to reflect
these changes later this year.

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