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Please review and distribute as appropriate.

In the past few months we have distributed information regarding the
bankruptcy of Bill Heard Enterprises, Inc. and the processing
requirements for vehicles involved in those bankruptcy proceedings.  

We have now been advised of the sale of the remaining inventory of Bill
Heard Chevrolet, Ltd. new, 2008 year model vehicles.  These vehicles are
no longer covered under the bankruptcy orders and the bankruptcy
procedures distributed December 16, 2008, do not apply to this
inventory.  A list of affected vehicles is attached.

Acceptable Transactions/Processing

Prior to processing a transaction for one of these vehicles, please
ensure the vehicle is shown on the attached list.  In addition, the
following apply:

*  Ownership Documents, properly assigned to the applicant, are
required.  If unavailable, the standard options of a TAC Hearing, Bonded
Title or Court Order are required.
Note: The Manufacturer*s Certificate of Origin will be assigned to
Bill Heard Chevrolet, Ltd. on its face and will then be reassigned to
another purchaser.

*  All required fees (title and registration), tax and penalties must
be paid.

*  Other supporting documentation: A copy of the page from the attached
list with the vehicle identified/marked must be submitted, in addition
to documentation that is normally required to accompany an application.

We understand the confusion you have experienced and want to thank you
for patience and diligence in ensuring these transactions are processed
correctly.  If you need additional information, please contact your
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office.


-- Rebecca

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