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This is to clarify SB 1616 as it relates to applicant requirements for the Certified Firefighter specialty license plate.

The bill amended Transportation Code, Sec. 504.409, to add *fire protection personnel* (as defined in the Government Code) for eligibility for the Certified Firefighter specialty plate.  Fire protection personnel include professional firefighters, arson investigators, law enforcement officers designated as fire and arson investigators, and aircraft rescue personnel.  

As a result of the legislation, Form VTR-311, the Application for Certified Firefighter License Plates, was revised to include separate affidavit sections for:
* Volunteer firefighters  
* Fire protection personnel (including professional firefighters)

Separate affidavits are needed because volunteer firefighters receive a certificate issued by the State Firemen*s and Fire Marshals* Association of Texas (SFFMA), and professional firefighters and other fire protection personnel are certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP).

Volunteer firefighters are required to sign the application stating that they are a member of a volunteer fire department certified by SFFMA.  The application also requires the signature of a SFFMA officer. In lieu of a SFFMA officer*s signature, a photocopy of a Volunteer Firefighters Certificate issued by SFFMA is acceptable as proof of eligibility.

Professional firefighters and other fire protection personnel must self-certify that they are a member of a fire department and certified by TCFP.  The Form VTR-311 will be revised to clarify the differences.

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