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E-TAGS WILL BECOME MANDATORY ON OCTOBER 6, 2009.  If you are not using Vision 21 to issue your temporary tags, you should start now so you can resolve any problems you may have before the mandatory date. For technical issues, call 512-302-2020, select option number 2.  Be sure to print out your Internet-down tags so you will have a tag should you need it and cannot produce it in the regular manner using Vision 21.  Temporary tags that do not have the Vision 21 generated specific number can not
be issued after 10-5-2009. 


60 DAY BUYER*S TAG - The expiration date for the buyer*s temporary tag and only the tag, has been increased from the 21st to the 60th day after the day of purchase. This expanded time limit only applies to the buyer tag and does not become effective until September 1, 2009.

SUPPLEMENTAL BUYER*S TAG ELIMINATED - The Supplemental Buyer*s tag has been eliminated. If the dealer cannot transfer title and registration for the vehicle before the date the buyer*s tag expires, the dealer should obtain a temporary permit from the tax office for the purchaser. 

TAGS ON LOANER VEHICLES - In addition to other allowed uses, dealer tags may now be used on a vehicle loaned to a customer when the customer*s vehicle is being repaired. 

NOTICE OF LAW REQUIREMENT ELIMINATED - The requirement that the dealer provide to the buyer a Notice of Law when a buyer*s temporary tag is issued has been eliminated. The dealer will still be required to issue a receipt to the buyer to be kept in the vehicle.

CARDBOARD REQUIREMENT ELIMINATED - The requirement that temporary tags (buyer, seller and converter) be made of or include cardboard has been eliminated by a change in the law.  It will now be allowable to use plasticized paper, laminate or any other material that will withstand the weather.  If dealers use any material that is not weather-resistant, such as paper, the temporary tag must still be sealed in a plastic bag.

REMEMBER: All tags must be secured on the vehicle in the license plate area so that the information on the tag will be completely visible at all times and at all speeds. It remains illegal to put the tags in the rear window of the vehicle.

These changes in the statute will become effective September 1, 2009. Vision 21 is being re-programmed to reflect the changes.  Rules have been drafted to change or supplement current rules concerning the use of temporary tags.

Brett Bray - MVD Division Director

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