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House Bill 3433 and Senate Bill 1759, as enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session, provide for the extended registration of a commercial fleet of motor vehicles.  The following requirements of both pieces of legislation are the same:

-	Commercial fleet means a minimum of 25 non-apportioned motor vehicles
-	Registration period of not less than one year or more than eight years (registration fees and all applicable local fees will be collected up front for the entire registration period selected and forwarded to the county similar to the current process for apportion registration)
-	License plates must include the month and year of expiration 
-	Fleet owners will have the option of a plain fleet plate or a custom plate manufactured with their company name and/or logo
-	No registration insignia (windshield sticker) will be issued
-	A registration card/receipt for the registration period will be issued for motor vehicles with a gross weight in excess of 10,000 pounds 
-	Commercial fleet buyers can transfer their own titles, for vehicles purchased from a dealer, if they have been approved by the county as a Full Service Deputy and use the Dealer Title Application process
-	The implementation date for fleet registration is January 1, 2010

The department is currently defining the system*s business requirements.   We plan to use a system application very similar to TxIRP for this program as it provides the most comprehensive functionality for handling registration of vehicle fleets.  This approach will result in minimal county involvement, however, the registration and local fees will be collected by the department and forwarded to the counties similar to the way it is done under TxIRP.  The biggest difference is these will be
exclusively intrastate fleets so the fees are all Texas fees.  We will keep you updated as we develop this program.  

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