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Mon Aug 17 10:53:17 CDT 2009

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Senate Bill 1356, enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session contained a provision that states that county and city auto theft units may charge $40 for inspections related to the assignment of an identification number.  Only a trained auto theft investigator that has completed training at the DPS Auto Theft Academy in Austin or Fort Worth is authorized to complete the VTR-68-A.  The Department may reject any improperly completed VTR-68-A.

Note: The auto theft unit must waive the $40 fee if the customer requesting the inspection is the current registered owner of the vehicle.

Effective September 1, 2009, when a vehicle inspection is required for the assignment of a vehicle identification number (VIN) because the VIN has been removed, altered or obliterated, a county or city auto theft unit may charge customers for the inspection required to assign or reassign a VIN to a vehicle.

It should be understood that this law is only applicable to situations where a VIN for the vehicle is required.  It is not applicable in situations such as foreign vehicle inspections, possessory liens, or similar transactions not requiring an assignment of an identification number.  The department is currently revising the Application for Assigned or Reassigned Number, form VTR-68-A to advise customers of this new fee.

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