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Fri Aug 14 10:55:37 CDT 2009

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This is notification of the provisions of House Bill 2553, as enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session.  House Bill 2553 adds Recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) as a new vehicle type.

ROV is a motor vehicle that is:
*	equipped with a non-straddle seat for the use of the rider, and a passenger, depending on the manufacturer design,
*	designed to propel itself with four or more tires in contact with the ground;
*	designed by the manufacturer for off-highway use; and
*	not designed by the manufacturer primarily for farming or lawn care.

This bill also removes bench or bucket seats from the definition of all-terrain vehicle (ATV).  As saddle or straddle-type seats are limited to ATV*s, the seat type will be a good indicator of whether the vehicle is an ATV or an ROV. ROVs, are treated similar to ATVs as titling is required.  ROVs are also required to display the same Texas Parks and Wildlife sticker if used on public lands.  TxDOT does not register either ATVs or ROVs.

The Department is in the process of adding the new ROV body-style description to the RTS system.  It is anticipated that this will be integrated into the early September 2009 release of RTS.  The release notes should identify specifics of the changes.  Both the Title Manual and Registration Manual will be updated in the near future.

This bill also simplifies and standardizes many, registration fees, and decreases more than 1,600 heavy vehicle fees down to seven categories.  The fee simplification provisions in H.B. 2553 become effective on 9/1/2011.



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