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This is to inform you of the provisions of several specialty plate bills enacted by the 81st regular Legislative session.

HB 1749 -

This bill adds Section 504.660 to the Transportation Code to clarify that the proceeds from the "Coastal Conservation - Redfish" specialty license plate will be deposited in an account to be administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  The proceeds will continue to support marine conservation activities of the Coastal Conservation Association.

As a result of this legislation, applicants for the *Coastal Conservation - Redfish* specialty plates are no longer required to be a member of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), and will no longer be required to sign an affidavit affirming membership. 

Since membership is no longer required, applicants will be able to apply for the plate using Form VTR-999, Application for Specialty License Plates instead of Form VTR-415.  The VTR forms are currently being updated to reflect this change.

Applicants requesting a *Coastal Conversation - Redfish* trailer plate will continue to use Form VTR-996, Application for Trailer Specialty License Plate.

HB 2854 - 

Section 504.414 is amended to allow the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) to find a sponsoring state agency to administer the proceeds from the *Professional Fire Fighter* specialty license plate.  We are currently working with the TCFP to administer the bill.

SB 161 -

Section 504.648 is amended to allow the Texas Education Agency to become the state agency sponsor for the *God Bless Texas* and *God Bless America* specialty license plates.  The proceeds from these specialty plates will continue to support the Safe Routes to School Program.

The funding changes should have no impact on the issuance of specialty plates through RTS.  



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