[Vtr-tac] House Bill 3306 * Removal and Disposal of Structures in Coastal Waters

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Mon Aug 10 16:58:18 CDT 2009

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This is notification of the provisions of House Bill 3306, as enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session.  House Bill 3306 amended Chapter 40, Natural Resources Code, which is administered by the General Land Office and relates to the authority and process of removal and disposal of a vessel or structure that has been abandoned or left in or on coastal waters.

Generally, this legislation would not appear to have any impact on your operations.  However, *structure* is defined to include a vehicle as defined by Section 502.001, Transportation Code, if the vehicle is located in coastal waters and is in a wrecked, derelict or substantially dismantled condition.

In these situations, lienholder notification requirements have been changed to allow notification on the General Land Office*s internet website or Texas Register when the owner/owner*s address is unknown, and adding storage fees to the currently allowed costs of removal and disposal.

This method of disposal by the General Land Office is expected to be uncommon and probably only after a weather-related disaster.  Therefore, if this situation occurs, the disposal of these vehicles will be handled administratively with the General Land Office. 

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