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Mon Aug 10 16:56:33 CDT 2009

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This is notification of the provisions of Senate Bill 1940, as enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session.  This bill dealt with the veterans* assistance fund and addresses state employee authorized contributions, voluntary contributions at the time of vehicle registration to the fund, and establishing a veterans* court program.

The portion of the bill that impacts the county (new Section 502.1746 of the Transportation Code) allows a person to make a voluntary contribution in any amount to the veterans* assistance fund when registering a vehicle.  The county tax collector must send this contribution to the comptroller for deposit in the state treasury to the credit of the fund for veterans* assistance before the 31st day after the date of contribution.

This legislation was effective upon passage.  Programming to allow collection of this contribution will be included in RTS Release 6.0.1 which is scheduled for early September distribution.  The programming changes will provide a space to input the desired donation amount and to designate that amount to Veterans* Assistance Fund for registrations issued through RTS point of sale. 

If anyone requests to donate to the Veterans* Assistance Fund prior to the release of RTS 6.0.1 or with a renewal other than at Point-of-Sale should be advised to make their check payable to the Veterans* Assistance Fund.  The county should forward the check to the State Comptroller*s Office, Attn: Revenue Accounting Division, P.O. Box 13528, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas 78711-3528.

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