[Vtr-tac] House Bill 2186 - Registration Fees Paid with Insufficient Funds

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Thu Aug 6 16:43:24 CDT 2009

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This is notification of the provisions of House Bill 2186, as enacted by the 81st Legislature, Regular Session.  This bill relates to the payment of a vehicle registration fee by a check or draft drawn against insufficient funds.

When a check or draft is received for a registration fee and is returned unpaid because of insufficient funds, the county tax collector must certify the fact to the sheriff, constable, or highway patrol officer in the county after attempts to contact the person fail in collecting the payment.  The certification must be made before the 30th day after the date the check or draft is returned unpaid and, in addition to the existing notification requirements, must now be accompanied by documentation of any attempt to contact the person and collect payment.

This legislation is effective September 1, 2009, and applies to the collection of payments submitted on or after the effective date.



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