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Fri Oct 31 15:00:57 CDT 2008

Dear Tax Assessor-Collectors:

Please review the information below and distribute as appropriate.

In August, prior to the official launch of the Dealer e-Tag System, we
sent you information relating to Buyer Tags and the $5 fee along with a
fact sheet.

With the initial launch behind us, we wanted to provide you an updated
copy of the *Facts About $5 Buyer Tag Fee* (see attached).  The most
significant updates include:
-	Vehicles purchased by exempt agencies are issued a Buyer Tag but
are exempt from the $5 fee
-	Buyer Tags are not issued to ATVs and off-road motorcycles and
the $5 fee is not collected
-	Buyer Tags are not issued to salvage vehicles and the $5 fee is
not collected

If you have any questions, please contact your local VTR Regional

Thank you.


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

If you would like to see previous postings from the "VTR Electronic
Archives," please visit
http://extlists.dot.state.tx.us/pipermail/vtr-tac/ .

Rebecca Davio
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, TxDOT
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FAX: (512) 467-5909
Email: rdavio at dot.state.tx.us 
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