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Wed Nov 19 09:48:54 CST 2008

Please review and distribute as appropriate.  

This is a follow-up to the information provided to you on 9/11/08
regarding registered all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility-type
vehicles (UTV). 

We have identified and confirmed 971 registered vehicles as ATVs or
UTVs.  To prevent the generation of a renewal notice for these vehicles,
a new legal restraint has been placed on each vehicle's record.  In the
remarks area, the following notations will display: 


As a reminder:

*	ATVs and UTVs should be titled as "Off Highway Use Only". 
*	When processing a title application for one of these vehicles,
the county should select "Off-Highway Use Only" as the title type
(Screen TTL 002).
*	Registration should not be issued for these vehicles.  
*	Exceptions for operation of ATVs/UTVs for farm and utility
company use  still apply 

If an owner of one of these vehicles presents a registration renewal
notice with an expiration date of February 2009 or later, the
registration must not be renewed.  If you determine that a vehicle is an
ATV/UTV and the notations mentioned above are not on the vehicle record,
please do not renew the registration and notify your VTR Regional

A letter explaining this policy is attached and will be mailed to all
affected vehicle owners and lienholders.  We appreciate your patience
and cooperation in our effort to identify these vehicles and prevent
improper registration and renewal in the future.  Thank you.


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

Rebecca Davio
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division, TxDOT
Telephone: (512) 465-7570
FAX: (512) 467-5909
Email: rdavio at dot.state.tx.us 
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