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Since January 1, 2008, the *plate to owner* law requires you to
remove the license plates and registration sticker on each PASSENGER CAR
or LIGHT TRUCK taken in trade, sold or transferred to your dealership.

We want to remind you that the current law DOES NOT APPLY to general
issue license plates on other vehicle types, including:
* Motorcycles and mopeds 
* Trailers, including camper and travel trailers
* Trucks more than one ton

Under the *plate to owner* law, vehicle owners may transfer their
license plates to a vehicle being purchased, provided they are buying
the same classification (i.e., a car or light truck only).  Your
customer cannot transfer a truck plate to a passenger car, or a
passenger plate to a truck.

Vehicle owners may also keep their plates for transfer at a later date,
or the plates may be disposed of (the easiest method is to draw a large
*X* on each plate with an indelible marker) to prevent fraudulent
use.  The windshield registration sticker is never transferred; we
suggest that you destroy it upon removal unless a need exists to
maintain the registration sticker as a record of when the vehicle
registration expires. 

There have also been questions on the proper issuance and display of
Buyer Tags.

When a customer is transferring their license plates to a car or light
truck, dealers must issue a Buyer Tag for display on the vehicle until
the title paperwork is processed through the county.  The customer*s
license plates may be mounted on the vehicle being purchased provided
the Buyer Tag is placed over the rear plate.  



If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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