[Vtr-tac] Do Not Add Notes to RTS Records

Electronic Distribution of VTR Information to Texas Counties vtr-tac at dot.state.tx.us
Wed Dec 17 09:31:06 CST 2008

Please review the following information and distribute as appropriate.

Law enforcement has brought to our attention that some counties are
adding local *notes* to the address fields in RTS.  Of particular
concern is that some of the notes include personal customer information
such as social security numbers, driver*s license numbers, etc.  

Private entities, law enforcement, and other state agencies have access
to the RTS database and can see any of these remarks.  Therefore, use of
the address fields and vehicle location field for any purpose other than
to capture the information they are designed for is not authorized and
should be stopped immediately.  

When developing the Vision 21 functional requirements, we will consider
the feasibility of a comment section.  Until a specific comment field is
made available, please refrain from entering other information to the
abovementioned fields.

Thank you for your help in distributing this information.


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR
communication process, please contact your local VTR Regional Office.

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