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The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Title Manual is now available on
RTS workstations and on our website at: 


If you have difficulties accessing this new revision contact the RTS
support desk at (877) 933-2020.

The following is a brief summary of chapters updated in this revision:

Chapter 6 - Application and Issuance of Certificate of Title
Title paperwork assembly procedures were added to the end of the

Chapter 7 - Corrections
Under Commercial Vehicles, if a truck is permanently converted into a
tractor, a corrected title must now be issued. In the same section a new
subsection was added regarding trucks converted into passenger
Chapter 8 - Refusal/Denial of Title
Under Bonded Title, additional information regarding vehicle valuation
and power of attorney were added.

Chapter 9 - Transfer of Ownership
Changes to the following code regarding transfer of ownership were
520.032 Transfer Fee; Late Fee
520.023 Powers and Duties of Department on Transfer of Used Vehicle

Chapter 11 - Signature-Authority to Sign
Under Powers of Attorney, additional information regarding how the
department returns original copies to individuals was added.

Chapter 13 - Vehicle Identification Numbers
Additional information regarding motorcycle number location was added.

Chapter 14 - Vehicle Types
Under Trailer/Semitrailer, semitrailers must now have a weight
certificate to receive a Texas title. Under All-Terrain Vehicle
additional ATV definition information was added. Under Motor Homes, a
truck tractor converted to contain living quarters is now considered to
be a motor home.

Chapter 15 - Odometer
Under Odometer Disclosure Statement, additional information regarding
buyer*s signatures on odometer exempt vehicle transactions was added.
Vehicles exempt from the odometer disclosure requirements were also

Chapter 16 - Operation of Law
In various sections the Affidavit of Heirship, Form VTR-262 is now
termed an Affidavit of Heirship for a Motor Vehicle.

Chapter 25 - Reconstructed Assembled Vehicles
Under Motor Homes, a truck tractor converted to contain living quarters
is now considered to be a motor home. Also in various sections the
Rebuilt Affidavit, Form VTR-61 is now termed a Rebuilt Vehicle

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